I Praise God in the 50's America sent Missionaries to the World! Especially to the Philippines and because of it my family came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior! My name is Charlie San Juan, born in the Philippines, raised in California and I am a fruit of foreign Missions. As I grew in the Word of God, I learned to Tithe, I learned to serve, I learned to give to Faith Promise Missions, I learned to have a burden for souls, I learned how to share the Gospel and in 2009 during our Missions Conference God called our family to serve in Taiwan. In August of 2013 my family moved to Taiwan to preach Christ that He may be known. "Look and live, my brother live! Look to Jesus, now and live!"

Did you know? Coca Cola is the #1 name in the world and Jesus Christ is #56. Taiwan has 24 million people and 98% of the population has never heard of Jesus Christ. Will you help pray so that Christ may be preached in Taiwan? Souls may be saved? Lives transformed? Churches started? Preachers called? Missionaries sent?

The sermon "I sat where they sat" by Bob Hughes, is embedded in my mind, what if that Missionary never came to my house, where would I be today? Praise God he did come, because America sent! Because of your many prayers and sacrificial giving I am here today, Saved and Sanctified! Heaven bound and Preaching Christ! Glory to God!

If you have any questions about Salvation, how to go to heaven, how to have peace with God, the Bible, Missions, Taiwan, we would love to hear from you!

August 2009 during our annual Missions Conference, we answered the Call of the Lord for our family to serve in Taiwan. God used Psalms 90:9-12 “ …teach me to number my days…” How we are living on borrowed time. Time is short! God then used the prayer letter of a missionary and Acts 16:9 "..come help us!" to direct our burden for the Souls in Taiwan.

We are often asked, "What do you need?" We need HELP! Acts 16:9 "...come help us!"
Do you want to serve God? Are you concerned for lost people? Come and help us! English Teachers are in demand here in Taiwan, if you have a bachelors degree of any sort and an American passport you can easily get a Teaching position. We can help you get situated and together we can blitz Taiwan with the Gospel. Will you come?

If you would like to receive our quarterly prayer letter please send us an email: Sanjuans4Taiwan@gmail.com

We can also be reached through LINE APP: charliesj